Анхааруулга мэдээлэл

A brief introduction of Apex

Apex, a system for finance, accounting bookkeeping and managing activities of companies, business entities and non-governmental organizations, has been developed since 2009 by our highly professional team. It is the complex software system that includes all functions of finance and accounting such as the recording of daily bookkeeping process and financial transactions - purchases, sales, receipts and payments; the calculation of journals, ledgers and other related financial data; as well as presenting financial statements, including four basic financial statements - Balance sheet, income statement, statement of changes in equity and statement of cash flows. Our developing team always seek to improve the software and develop a new version of Apex at a particular time based on our customers' needs and requirements.

The software, Apex, consists of two packages - STANDARD and ULTIMATE - each of packages several modules that are dedicated to small, medium and large business entities, respectively. Apex has a lot of advantages compared with other financial software; for instance, it is based on international accounting standards and Mongolian related laws; it has high performance, reliable functions and calculations; it is flexible to configure users' permissions you want; it is easy to control users' actions and to use the program; it has a financial and tax's reports that are standardized; all updates are free; and etc.

Copyright certificate

The copyright certificate is given by the State registration under the number 4020 according to the order number 86 dated on the 2nd November, 2010 of deputy minister of Mongolia.
All rights reserved - The product, Apex, is an intellectual property and intangible asset of ApexSoft LLC. Therefore, no part of the software, Apex, and these pages, either text, image or logo may be used for any purpose other than personal use.

Certificate of Financial Ministry of Mongolia

The software, Apex, existing under the ownership of ApexSoft LLC and designed for the use of economic entities and organizations, meets the requirements of the "Regulation on putting control on the program for accounting and bookkeeping" approved by the order of Ministry of Finance of Mongolia number 252, 2009, thus the certificate is issued for duration of 2 years commencing on the 23rd of November, 2010 according to the order number 316 of the State Secretary of Ministry of Finance.