Анхааруулга мэдээлэл

Our advantages

A result from our work is highly quality software.
Our mission is to develop and deliver software projects to customers at milestone. The fundamental of highly quality software is highly educated human resources, professional developing team and advanced technologies. Because we can manage these concepts, we can produce highly quality software systems to customers.
All software developers are SCJPs.
Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP), certified by Oracle Corporation, is meant to verify highly skilled Java programmer who can professionally develop any software using a Java technology. We always focus on education and knowledge of new advanced technologies of our every team members; as a result, our all software developers have international certifications recognized globally.
All programmers who work in ApexSoft LLC implement PSP.
Personal Software Process (PSP) is a structured software development process that helps software developers to understand and improve their performance, which every programmer who can be competitive in the modern era have to know and use. PSP, the basic standard and principle of developing software process, is becoming the main fundamental process of software developing companies all around the world. The same as modern companies, our company implements systematically this useful process on every single member of our software developing team.
Our team is well-structured and organized by using TSP.
Team Software Process (TSP) is an organized and defined operational process of software developing team that helps team managers and members who use PSP to improve their performance together and produce high quality software applications. Managing a numerous of members, who hold different position of responsibility, and their tasks is the main concern for software developing companies Because of current complicated requirements of software users and a huge scope of modern software. Luckily, we implement TSP on our every team that results in delivering highly qualified products to our customers.
We are committed to providing excellent customer service to our every user.
Since always respecting golden time and value of our customers' business, we are committed to providing excellent and express service to customers who need help; therefore, our customers are satisfied by our service.
Advanced new technology.
Because of our curiosity and desire for delivering high qualified products to customers, we always use advanced new technology to develop our systems.