Анхааруулга мэдээлэл


Our company has implemented and used Apex 2011 Ultimate, a financial and accounting system by ApexSoft LLC, on our financial and business process for an year. Now, we use the software on all departments and subsidiaries via Internet. Apex, easy to use and understand, can provide reliable operations, high performance, security as well as excellent services. After implementing this advanced system on our company, we can control and analyze our financial and business operations, and processes of the company has been improving due to suitable solutions. In my opinion, we could also improve relationships between the company and its subsidiaries and departments, and, in short-run, we have an opportunity to produce more goods and reduce our expenses than in the past. To all workers of ApexSoft LLC, keep up the excellent work and great job in the future.

Amgalantugs O, chief financial officer of Altan Taria LLC (2011)