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The modules and sets of Apex

Apex consists of several modules with their own features, and the fundamental of each of the modules is based on accounting standards, which all the modules are able to work together as one complex system.

The core module for finance and accounting

This main set includes General journal, Cash journal - having functionality for recording financial transactions - and General ledger. In the module, it is possible to record not only the functional currency (Mongolian tugrugs) but also foreign-currency transactions, and to calculate foreign currency exchange gains and losses according to official foreign exchange rate from Bank of Mongolia (Central bank of Mongolia). In addition, a feature of the module is automatic operations such opening accounting periods, transferring ending balances of inventory, fixed asset, payable, receivable and accounts. When closing accounting periods, it automatically records all related transactions into the Income and expenditure account as well. Moreover, it is easy to close and backup safely a fiscal year from January to March of the next year via using an Apex's reliable operation. In addition, Apex can be connected "The special program of VATPS" (PosAPI) and transferred special data - "The unique number of bill" (UNB), "QR code", "Linear barcode" and "The number of lottery" - to "The promotion of value added tax" (https://www.ebarimt.mn/), which has been developed by General Department of Taxation implementing agency of the Government of Mongolia. Also, the program can calculate City tax of transactions and record related accounting entries.

Payable and receivable

The functionality of this module is designed to help the organizations manage accounts receivable and payable according to accounting transactions dealing with the billing of a customer for goods and services. In this module, you can see the sub-ledger of customers' receivable and payable - with the beginning, ending balance and debt, credit transactions - by a accounting period that you want. Additionally, the module gives you complex information of all bookkeeping transactions such as journal entries for inventory, fixed asset and cash.


The module consists of dictionary and the beginning, ending balance of inventories by accounts, bookkeepers and warehouses; journals for purchase, movement, expense, sale and sales return; and related all kinds of reports and statements. On Apex, when recording of sale or expense goods from inventory, it is possible to use inventory valuation three methods: AVCO (average cost method), FIFO (First In First Out) or LIFO (Last In First Out). Furthermore, in the module, you can register general and specific information of inventory, its price and discount - when register bar code of goods, you can use a bar-code reader.

Fixed asset

Similar to the module of inventory, this module packages all journals and dictionaries, but it includes particular features of fixed asset such as depreciation - using the straight line method - , revaluation and taxation of properties and non current assets. In every accounting period, the module automatically depreciating fixed assets that are configured; also, it is possible to revaluate a fixed asset through not only values but also durations of usage.


The module gives opportunities to adjust easily and flexibly the salary journal in order to meet needs of business processes of companies/organizations. In other words, you can configure the structure of the salary journal by adding or modifying columns for increment in salary, deduction from salary and customization of formula. Not only the module additionally includes specific journal for salary advance, benefits of unemployment, overtime, medical, sickness, disability and workers compensation, but also it can be imported time data, including all kinds of time information, from the module of time registration.

Registration of employees

This set helps a human-resource supplier to manage many kinds of information about employees. The module can be registered not only general information but also specific information such as performance reviews, achievements, resume tracking, skill development and so on.

Time registration

The module of time registration, integrated into the payroll module, allows to enter time spent performing different tasks and actions, including worked hours, absence and worked hours at nights; and to generate timesheet reports. By supporting a time-tracking equipment that records automatically duration of activities, the module has additional an application that connects the equipment and reads time data.

Financial statements

The module for financial statements. The software, Apex, can calculate and generate the financial statements of a company or an organization based on Mongolian laws and international accounting standards. The following statements are included in the financial statements.
  • "FS1 - Balance sheet"
  • "FS2 - Income statement"
  • "FS3 - Statement of Change in Owners' Equity"
  • "FS4 - Statemane of Cash Flow"

Tax statements

The module for tax statements. The software, Apex, can calculate and generate the following tax statements based on Mongolian laws and international accounting standards.
  • "TS02 - Business entity income tax"
  • "TS03 - VAT (value-added tax)"
  • "TS11 - Deduction 1"
  • "TS12 - Deduction 2"
  • "TS13 - Deduction"
  • "TS23 - Fixed asset tax (property tax)"

Consolidated financial statements

The module for consolidated financial statements. The software, Apex, can calculate and generate the consolidated financial statements of parent and child companies based on Mongolian laws and international accounting standards. The following statements are included in the consolidated financial statements.
  • "FS1 - Balance sheet"
  • "FS2 - Income statement"
  • "FS3 - Statement of Change in Owners' Equity"
  • "FS4 - Statemane of Cash Flow"

Point of Sale/Retailing accounting

The set of POS (Point of Sale) is dedicated to companies, organizations and individuals who are interested in retail-trading business. The module contains Apex POS, a standalone desktop application integrated into the system of Apex, which allows to record sales transactions easily by using special equipments such as bar-code scanners, mini terminal printers and touch screens, including customer LED displays. The application includes advanced functions to cater to different verticals such as inventory, financials, warehousing and customer relationship management (CRM) - a rewarding system for customers by using bonus cards. Installing and using simultaneously these applications on multiple checkout places at your store, you can save time and money significantly.

The beginning balance

This is the complex module for entering data of the beginning balance of the company/organization. Through the following four main steps, you can change the data of the beginning balance you want anytime. Through these steps, it is possible to import a large amount of data prepared in the special Excel file, to check the beginning balance of inventories, fixed assets, payable/receivable, accounts and financial/tax statements. Moreover, the module gives you opportunity of checking the correlations and logic in items of the statements and showing errors/differences of the items and how to fix the errors in the complex way.
  • "Step №1 Data in Excel": The submodule for entering/checking a large amount of data.
  • "Step №2 The beginning balance": The submodule for entering/checking the main data of the beginning balance.
  • "Step №3 The financial and tax statements": The submodule for entering/checking the beginning and ending balances of the statements.
  • "Step №4 The complex check": The submodule for reviewing/checking all steps in one window.

Additional modules

Raw material

The module of raw material is an additional part of Apex that includes dictionaries of raw materials by bookkeepers and warehouses; records with quantities and results of laboratory tests for inflows, outflows and movement.

Integration into EDIMIS system

Apex is integrated into EDIMIS software, a sales system for Electrical and Energy Power Plants, which is implemented on Power Plants of Ulaanbaatar and some provinces of Mongolia. EDIMIS consists of three modules, each of which helps to register end-users and to calculate their billing of usage of energy and electricity. Apex is able to import sales data from EDIMIS system and record financial transactions of the data into journals.

Integration into Optimal system

Apex is also integrated into Optimal software, a retail sales system, where retailers can sale products and goods by using smart phones or PDAs via Internet. Optimal system helps to operate sale operation easily; to reduce expenses of the sales process; and to save spending time. Apex can import sales data from Optimal system and record double entries and accounting transactions of the data.

Integration into MIAMI system

Apex is also integrated into Miami software, high and POS software of Germany (http://www.miami-kassen.de), is dedicated to registration of orders and sales for restaurants, bars and pubs. The module gives you opportunity to easily convert, calculate and record data of orders and sales from Miami system via accounting standards. In other words, Apex has advanced functions for importing data from Miami excel file, analysing transactions of sales and recording journal entries. See here more information about software Miami.

Customization of interface design

We offer you an unique complete suite of design service, customization of user-interface of the program that you want. If you want add your company/organization's logo, face and color in Apex, please contact us. We are happy to make new Apex with your company/organization's identity for you.

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